Artist Statement

"I truly embrace entering the world of art from an outside field. Because of this, I feel more ‘free’ in my art and open-minded in my approach. As an artist and a healthcare professional, I believe that art has the power to inspire, heal, provoke and offer hope.”

Sarah is constantly driven to explore what objects and ideas inspire her. Initially, her inspirations came from her childhood summers spent in the coastal town of Bluffton, SC.  She has enjoyed painting seaside landscapes or objects such as oysters, waterfowl, old barns, and flowers using acrylic on canvas. Recently, though, abstracts and figure studies have become a favorite.  Sarah is drawn to the unique coordination of color, light, balance, and mood. Her mediums of choice with her work are mixed and include watercolor or gouache layered with acrylics, charcoal, oil pastel and ink on paper, canvas or wood panel.

“Painting brings peace and balance to my life. My hope is that my work will bring joy to the lives of those who invest in it."