The Pink Life

Its only human nature to want stability, harmony in your life, and a personal connection with others. We all want to love, and to be loved. We want to work in a field that we are passionate about because, then, it doesn’t’ really feel like work, right? We also want to stand firmly on our own two feet. These things for me are the elements of living a successful life.

The body of work "Elements of Design" that I have revealed this spring was partially inspired by the beautiful stain glass windows in my church as well as some other churches that I visited in Downtown Greenville last fall. These wonderful works of art that adorn such sacred spaces brought a sense of peace every time I looked at them.  The rest of my inspiration simply came from life’s day to day journey and incorporating the core elements of design.

The work that I am presenting on canvas represents harmony, congruence, symmetry, and flow. Delightful shades of one color with slightly different tones and shades of another is pleasing to the eyes and can create an ambiance of elegance, warmth, or tranquility. Some of these pieces can even convey an image of playful youthfulness.

The work that I am presenting on paper represents the unexpected, the unplanned, and as in life, we have to take what is unexpected, what is unplanned, and make it work. We have to read between the lines. Sometimes, we need to take a hiatus, but in the end, we have to tie up loose ends (whether we like it or not), bring it full circle, and strive for the end goal… which is balance.

"The Pink Life" color palette was inspired by my daughter, not just because she is a girl and loves the color pink, but because she is the first girl to be born into the Farrar Family in over 92 years. Yep...92 years... and she most definitely broke the mold. She is a bit of a girly girl with her love of princesses, unicorns, and rainbows, but she is also creative, smart, strong willed, and curious. So, her love of the color pink stands out to me in more ways than one.

This day and age, the color pink no longer represents sugar and spice and everything nice. Pink now equals strength, power, courage, and independence. Being one of four children myself AND the only girl, learning early on to be strong and independent were necessary. Being the only girl didn't really matter in our house. We were treated equally. My brothers were protective but they were also straight forward and didn't put up with any of my "bull." Most of all, they and my parents encouraged me to work hard and never back down from reaching my goals.

I loved creating this piece of art, and all that it represents! I am most excited that it is now being featured in The July 2018 issue of House & Garden Magazine. When they reached out to me back in April, they told me that they loved my latest collection and that "The Pink Life" was one piece that truly stood out to them, so it was a "no brainer" when they asked me to decide which piece of art I wanted to send to print.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a beautiful and inspiring publication!

Cheers, everyone!




My first ever solo Spring art show was a huge success! Thank you to the many folks who helped me! It took a team of wonderful professionals and friends to pull it off. I am still moving at a fast pace to prepare for 4 more shows along with the responsibilities of being a wife and mother of two! It just never slows down. The moments of stillness have to be forced upon us to take a deep breath and enjoy all of our hard work. My hope this summer is to slow it all down a little, spend more time with my children, enjoy the sunshine, and head east to put my toes in the sand for a few.

This month I plan to begin a monthly that keeps my followers informed about what events I am participating in, any sales that I may have, etc.... Not only that, but I want this newsletter to provide a better understanding of my process, my inspirations, and how it all ties into why I paint what I paint. The creative mind can be quite an enigma to many, so hopefully, this newsletter will create a better appreciation for my why I do what I do.

I have one show in Greenville coming up next month. Of course there is always First Fridays in the West Village! Check out further upcoming events for more information.

Cheers to Spring and thanks for following along! This journey of mine is just beginning!



I survived...

Isn't it amazing how busy the holidays can be? I remember the good ole' days of only worrying about shopping for my loved ones and then showing up. Ahhh.... those were good times. Now, it is about the food, what are we drinking, the house guests, keeping the house clean until they get there, feeding people and Making darn sure we have enough paper products and trash bags. Oh my gosh, that has actually happened to me.....we ran out of paper towels and trash bags on Christmas Eve and I was like, its ok! We can survive on one trash bag and half a roll of paper. it was a mess. And now, I'm reading back over this thinking, hmmm...First world problems. Really, Sarah? 

Well, needless to say I survived yet another Christmas Holiday and looking back, I am truly grateful for the time spent with my parents, husband, and children. We had a great holiday... even though this year we cooked roast beef and literally had to open every door in the house on Christmas morning to let out the smoke that was pouring from my oven while it was 35 degrees outside. And no, I did not burn it. You just have to cook it at 500 degrees... I will spare you the details, but Mom, that was your fault. Lol... 

In the art community, I loved being a part of two private holiday shows as well as Hampton Station's Holiday Market. It was a blast. I loved spending time with other artisans from the community and meeting new clients too. Setting up shop inside of Birds Fly South Brewery was pretty sweet. I do hope to participate in that event again next year!

So now that I have gotten through the month of January where I completely reorganized my business as well as tackled that mile high stack of personal paperwork that needed to be filed, I can breathe, and finally...create. My kids are back at school and I have been in my studio for the 3rd day in a row this week! I feel like I am on vacation. Its so awesome! The creative juices are flowing!

 I have a few events coming up this spring so stay tuned to what is to come! In the meantime, imagine this... a 10x10 studio space. Three walls. 20 foot ceilings. Paint supplies absolutely everywhere. Old pictures of vogue. Colors trending now. And me... completely and utterly happy. It's Bliss. 





Its the most wonderful time of the year!

It is the most wonderful time of the year! The summer heat is subsiding. The leaves are starting to change colors. My children are settled in with their new teachers and classmates, and... the art shows are among us! All of the hours spent burning the midnight oil, working on my craft at every spare moment  is starting to see the next phase. The art of the sale... so here we go. Bring it on! I love meeting new people, and I love telling them what inspires me.  Of course, putting your process into words CAN sometimes be hard for a painter. Thats WHY we paint. IT IS how we express ourselves. So, when Open Studios rolls around, I hope that people are kind...  I paint beautiful works of art (or at least I try to), because it makes me happy. It fills my soul with a sense of satisfaction like no other when I am done, and the process of getting to that point is just as fulfilling. I have to say, I have never experienced anything like it in my life. Its hard sometimes to put into words, but I get this energy like no other.  I have become so driven to learn more, experiment with my own craft, and try new things, etc.. its never ending and I love it! 

I met Janet Dreskin a couple of years ago. She is a famous SC artist, who lives in Greenville, SC and recently just turned 96. 96!!! She was the first Clemson student to receive her MFA from their program...and she has works of art all over this great country. I was amazed by her! Recently, I had the chance to talk to her again, and to this day, she still works. She has her own gallery in Greenville, and she says that each day she cannot wait to get to her studi0....and guess what?!? I now know exactly how she feels! 

Cheers Everyone!

Here we go again...

Can we please slow down time? I swear, there are never enough hours in the day... I feel as though every minute is spoken for between now and Thanksgiving. But don't get me wrong...I love what I do! I am a mother, a wife, a homemaker, and an artist, but fitting it all in everyday is insane sometimes. My house looks like it exploded. Besides needing a "do" and "fluff" (as quoted by the fabulous James Farmer), my house needs a "nip" and a "tuck." In other words, I need to be more organized! Clean out and put away. My resolution for 2018 is to be MORE ORGANIZED! First the house and then my creative thoughts... so many ideas! 

For now, I have to prepare for my next show/pop up shop...Heading to Charleston again this weekend and I cannot wait! I will be at West Elm on King Street this Sunday from 1-4pm! Stop by and see me!! There will be some special deals only to be had at WEST ELM!! 

Live Painting at Celadon this Saturday!

This will be a first for me! A "Live" painting by S. Farrar. I'm not sure how its going to run, but I have a plan in place and will be praying to the Good Lord that I execute it well. I'm thankful for the opportunity and grateful for the encouragement by Straight to Art and Celadon to give this a try. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, right? And in the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take... 

Stay Current!

I am teaming up with my friends at Straight to Art in Charleston, SC for a "Takeover at Palmetto Brewery!" 

Join us on Friday, October 13th from 5-9pm. Charleston, Graze, Palmetto Brewery, and Fabulous Art! What more could you possibly ask for?! Tap the link below for more info! Hope to see you there!

Cheers! Sarah