Pop Up Shop

Here we go again...

Can we please slow down time? I swear, there are never enough hours in the day... I feel as though every minute is spoken for between now and Thanksgiving. But don't get me wrong...I love what I do! I am a mother, a wife, a homemaker, and an artist, but fitting it all in everyday is insane sometimes. My house looks like it exploded. Besides needing a "do" and "fluff" (as quoted by the fabulous James Farmer), my house needs a "nip" and a "tuck." In other words, I need to be more organized! Clean out and put away. My resolution for 2018 is to be MORE ORGANIZED! First the house and then my creative thoughts... so many ideas! 

For now, I have to prepare for my next show/pop up shop...Heading to Charleston again this weekend and I cannot wait! I will be at West Elm on King Street this Sunday from 1-4pm! Stop by and see me!! There will be some special deals only to be had at WEST ELM!!