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Its the most wonderful time of the year!

It is the most wonderful time of the year! The summer heat is subsiding. The leaves are starting to change colors. My children are settled in with their new teachers and classmates, and... the art shows are among us! All of the hours spent burning the midnight oil, working on my craft at every spare moment  is starting to see the next phase. The art of the sale... so here we go. Bring it on! I love meeting new people, and I love telling them what inspires me.  Of course, putting your process into words CAN sometimes be hard for a painter. Thats WHY we paint. IT IS how we express ourselves. So, when Open Studios rolls around, I hope that people are kind...  I paint beautiful works of art (or at least I try to), because it makes me happy. It fills my soul with a sense of satisfaction like no other when I am done, and the process of getting to that point is just as fulfilling. I have to say, I have never experienced anything like it in my life. Its hard sometimes to put into words, but I get this energy like no other.  I have become so driven to learn more, experiment with my own craft, and try new things, etc.. its never ending and I love it! 

I met Janet Dreskin a couple of years ago. She is a famous SC artist, who lives in Greenville, SC and recently just turned 96. 96!!! She was the first Clemson student to receive her MFA from their program...and she has works of art all over this great country. I was amazed by her! Recently, I had the chance to talk to her again, and to this day, she still works. She has her own gallery in Greenville, and she says that each day she cannot wait to get to her studi0....and guess what?!? I now know exactly how she feels! 

Cheers Everyone!