Full Circle


Full Circle

225.00 325.00

·      15x20

·      Mixed Media on Cold Pressed Paper

·      Framed (17x24 Brushed Steel)


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Its human nature that we all want to have stability, harmony, and a personal connection with others. We all want to love, and be loved. We want to do work that we are passionate about because, then, it doesn’t’ really feel like work, right?  These things for me are the elements of living a successful life.

The body of work that I have revealed this spring was partially inspired by the beautiful stain glass windows in my church as well as some other churches that I visited in Downtown Greenville last fall. These wonderful works of art that adorn such sacred spaces brought a sense of peace every time I looked at them.  The rest of my inspiration simply came from life’s day to day journey as well as studying the elements of design.

The work that I am presenting on canvas represents harmony, congruence, symmetry, and flow. Delightful shades of one color with small pops of another that compliment is pleasing to the eyes. 

The work that I am presenting on paper represents the unexpected. The unplanned. As in life, we have to take what is unexpected, what is unplanned, and make it work. Sometimes even have to “read between the lines.”  In the end, we tie these lines together and hope that it all comes full circle, striving for the end goal… which is balance.